From Outdoors to Indoors: The Intersection of Landscape and Interior Design With Steve Griggs

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Could landscape design be a game-changer for interior designers? Is there a common ground that brings the principles of both worlds together?

In this episode, I share a fun and fascinating conversation with Steve, a seasoned landscape designer with nearly 40 years of experience. He reveals the secrets behind his journey into landscape design, emphasizing how the principles align with interior design. He shares valuable insights into his creative process, from understanding clients’ desires to incorporating unique elements that elevate each project.

But here’s the burning question: Can interior designers seamlessly transition into landscape design? Steve believes so! He encourages aspiring & seasoned designers to explore both realms, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to cater to clients seeking one-stop solutions.

And if you are looking for practical advice, touching on the business side of design, you will learn from Steve’s hard-earned wisdom on managing finances, charging what you’re worth, and treating design not just as a passion but as a business.

Tune in so you won’t miss a thing!

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover how landscape design aligns with interior design principles
  • Learn business wisdom to turn your passion into a thriving design firm
  • Assess your readiness to include landscape design services in your current offerings
    About the Guest:

    Steve Griggs is not your average designer. He is a visionary. He transforms ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary masterpieces.

    With decades of experience and a discerning eye for detail, Steve has become New York’s premier landscape designer – elevating homes, luxury communities, and urban spaces to new heights. His acolytes extend beyond his design progress. He is a two-time recipient of the IMC 5000 Award, a testament to the rapid growth and impact of his business. His journey is a testament to his passion and dedication. He started with a wheelbarrow, working tirelessly to build his business from the ground up. 

    Today, he is the go-to expert for landscape design, swimming pools, and outdoor entertaining spaces. One of these remarkable qualities is his approach to design. He doesn’t impose cookie-cutter designs, instead, he collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique vision. His work extends beyond traditional landscapes to reinventing and renovating urban spaces as well as designing luxury homes and communities. 

    As a best-selling author of Straight Dirt New York City’s premier designer tells it like it is, Steve shares insider secrets on working effectively with landscape designers and contractors. His no-nonsense approach ensures clients get results that go beyond their expectations.

    Connect with Steve Griggs:
    Website: Steve Griggs Design
    IG: @stevegriggsdesign

      Check out these episode highlights

      02:56 – How Steve got into landscape design: starting with a wheelbarrow and learning from a high-end client pool builder

      05:13 – Landscape design process: the two questions he asks his clients before discussing materials or plants

      05:50 – His team and his book, “Straight Dirt”, a transparent and honest approach to working with contractors

      07:37 – Landscape design elements and features

      • Proper night lighting
      • Native plants and local vegetation that blend with the environment
      • Water and fire elements in landscape design
      • Personal touches and unique design elements
      13:45 – How he prepares clients for unexpected issues
      • By being transparent and flexible
      • Taking responsibility can help build trust with clients
      15:49 – Landscaping projects, challenges, and materials in California
      • The practice of incorporating water-resistant and drought-resistant plants, such as artificial grass, in landscaping.
      • Rooftop gardens, including the challenges of engineering and construction in urban areas

      19:16 – His view on using AI in landscape design

      20:45 – The importance of graphical representation in landscape design, as it helps clients visualize the project and avoid costly mistakes

      22:57 – Steve advises starting a design career by following one’s passion and expanding offerings to include landscape design, as there is a crossover between the two

      25:24 – The business side of design: view design as a business rather than just a creative pursuit

      28:56 – The importance of treating design as a business, including marketing, sales, and charging clients appropriately

      29:15 – The need to hire more people and invest in software and staff to elevate the client experience and expand your business

      29:36 – The role of mentorship: help designers navigate the business side of their industry

      32:16 – The importance of doing what you love and being happy in your work

      33:44 – The value of building a reputation through referrals and social media

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