From Doubt to Success: Overcoming Challenges in Interior Design and Architecture With Robert Ancill

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Have you ever dreamt of a career in design or architecture but been told not to pursue it? Well, you are in for a treat! 

Join me today as I sit down with my special guest Robert Ansell, CEO of TNI Design. Robert takes us through his incredible path from being told not to pursue architecture to creating restaurant design and concept development to starting an agency & expanding his services to include interior design and architectural projects. Along the way, he encountered doubts and obstacles, but his unwavering persistence and passion for design propelled him forward. 

Robert also shares the exciting and innovative projects he is currently working on, including an eco-village and a groundbreaking venture to design livable spaces on Mars. He also talks about the upcoming trends in the restaurant industry, from interactive ghost kitchens to the integration of robotic technology, and explores the use of sustainable materials in architecture and interior design.

So, tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with valuable insights and advice.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover how embracing creative opportunities, learning through internships, and thinking outside the box can lead to a fulfilling and successful career in the design industry
  • Understand the importance of client interfaces and adapting to new technologies for the growth of your interior design business
  • Learn some sustainable and eco-friendly materials you can use on your next project
    About the Guest:

    Robert Ancill is the CEO of TNI Design, an architectural design agency that specializes in restaurants, hotels, luxury, and eco homes.

    With over 25 years of experience, Robert has designed over 89 new brands and 800 restaurants or cafes opening or remodels for clients in 24 countries. Some of his notable projects include designing multiple high-profile restaurants and hotel brands as well as providing interior design services to several businesses in the hospitality industry.

    When he is not busy working, Robert enjoys photography as a hobby. His work has been featured in several magazines & websites and on his website, Introspective Lense.

    In 2020, Robert authored a book called post-COVID-19 Reboot, a forecasting guide to opening restaurants, bars, and hospitality businesses after the quarantine period was lifted in 2021.

    Check his eco-village design here.

    Connect with Robert Ancill:
    Website: TNI Design
    IG: @tnidesign

      Check out these episode highlights

      03:08 – What is TNI Design, its focus, and current projects

      06:45 – How Robert got started in the design industry and how TNI was born

      09:31 – Robert’s role in the design department and his architectural design training

      11:52 – How TNI works with restaurants and cafes

      13:24 – How Robert came up with the name TNI

      14:36 – The future of the restaurant industry

      • Interactive approach with Ghost Kitchens
      • The use of Robots delivering food to the table
      • Change in the design interfaces
      • Even more customer-friendly approach

      17:14 – How sustainable materials are becoming more prevalent in design

      20:57 – How Robert keeps up with technology and gets his creative juices flowing

      • Literally, stand in the shower for hours and think.
      • Do a lot of research to see what’s out there and what is available.
      • Adapting coupled with technology application.

      23:14 – Robert’s ideal and most exciting project

      25:57 – Advice for creatives who have been told not to get into design

      • Just do it!
      • Be open-minded to learning.
      • Push yourself.
      • Apply for design internships.
      • Create your portfolio.
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