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Shifting Spaces Course

What if you could have a Master Home Improvement Plan in just a few weeks?

Well, now you can. Check your inbox to gain access to Shifting Space.

“The end result is a living space to be proud of! Trust me, I show it off all the time! I highly recommend Rebecca and her wonderful team!”

– Marcella M., Sacramento, CA

Here’s how you’ll get access to Shifting Spaces:

Step 01

Open your email from me. Search for the subject line:
“You’re in! [Shifting Spaces]”

If the email is in the Spam or Promotions tab:

Drag the email to your main inbox to get access to the challenge emails.

Step 02

Click the link to get your login information for Shifting Spaces.

Step 03

Dive right into Pillar 01 with your renovation team on speed dial cause you’re about to get this project started!