The Roadmap to Becoming an Interior Designer

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When does a career in interior design begin? Is it when you enroll in classes or get hired as an intern?

Well, your interior design journey starts way earlier than that. It is when you decide it is the career you want.

Then, what are your next steps after deciding you are interested in interior design?

In this episode, I share the roadmap I created to help you plan for your dream career in interior design. It’s a free resource to help you take the next steps in your journey to interior design.

With this roadmap, you won’t need to worry about gaps in knowledge or skills you will need to succeed.

Check this episode out to learn about the roadmap to becoming an interior designer so you can begin to move toward a fulfilling future today!

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Find out the steps you need to take to be a successful interior designer
  • Discover why it’s necessary to apply for an internship with an interior designer
  • Learn more about the 7 junior designer roles and responsibilities
    Check out these episode highlights

    01:55 – What’s next after deciding you are interested in interior design: Start where you are right now and Research the Career

    03:15 – Take Some Classes: Learning the basics vs. getting a degree in interior design

    04:06 – Find an Internship: Why it’s necessary to apply for an internship with an interior designer

    05:02 – Get a Job: Getting hired as a design assistant or a junior designer depending on your level of qualifications

    05:30 – 7 junior designer roles and responsibilities

    1. Assist senior designers with their work
    2. Include some preliminary furniture or finished selections,
    3. Create design boards
    4. Draft layout options
    5. Be in charge of creating internal tracking documents for processing orders
    6. Maintain the sample library
    7. Pick up samples

    05:56 – The advantages of working for someone else

    • It gives you an eye to see what the business entails before you go on your own
    • You can gauge if you want to start your own business or if you’d prefer to work for someone else and get a paycheck without having to worry about bringing in clients
    • If you want to go on your own and have much more autonomy with that, then you’ll have the experience of working with someone else

    06:36 – Bonus downloadable – Your Roadmap to a Career in Interior Design

    07:21 – My Design Mentor mentee’s success story

    In Summary, the roadmap to becoming an Interior Designer is:

    Step #1 Research the Career
    Step #2 Take Some Classes
    Step #3 Find an Internship
    Step #4 Get a Job

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