The Pain Points of Interior Design Projects and How to Overcome Them

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Do you need help keeping your interior design clients satisfied?

I’m here to help you!

Today, I’m sharing my 7-step process to help you navigate your client’s pain points and ensure they feel informed and invested. This proactive approach ensures a successful outcome every time!

You see, when it comes to design, managing expectations is crucial. And one of the best ways to do this is by making sure everyone involved understands what will happen every step of the way. That way, you can avoid disappointments or frustrations later down the line!

So listen to this week’s episode and gain access to the tools needed for managing your client’s expectations like a pro.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Examine the 7-step interior design process and its highs and lows from start to finish
  • Compare the different perspectives of designers and clients in each phase
  • Define your role as an interior designer and discover the benefits of having happier clients
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      Check out these episode highlights

      01:34 – My 7-Step Interior Design Process: Its Highs and Lows From Start to Finish

      High Point: Designer and Client, the honeymoon phase for both

      STEP No. 1: Initial Consultation

      STEP No. 2: Gathering Phase

      • Collect measurements and photos of the space
      • Get the client’s design style
      • Hone in on what the scope of work is, what they need in their space, and what they want to see to make it work for them and their lifestyle

      02:42 – STEP No. 3: Design Phase

      High Point: Designer

      • Curate the design
      • Pull finishes
      • Do space plan and layout
      • Play with and work on the puzzle to figure it all out

      Low Point: Client

      • The client does not hear from the designer who needs to be focused and efficient on the design process rather than feedback.
      • The client does not see anything tangible at this point despite paying a lot of money in hourly fees.

      04:05 – STEP No. 4: Presentation Phase

      High Point: Client

      • See the beautiful design and are inspired by it
      • Excited about what the vision of the house is going to look like
      • Touch and feel all the fabrics
      • Visualize everything as you walk them through the space

      04:39 – STEP No. 5: Implementation Phase, aka The Hardest Part

      Low Point: Client

      • The order process takes time.
      • They’re sitting and waiting while spending more money on a house they can’t appreciate yet.

      PRO TIP No. 1: Remind them to go back and look at the presentation documents so they see the project direction and hold on to hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

      PRO TIP No. 2: Check in with them to help manage their expectations. Also, send a gift to thank them for being such troopers through the process.

      05:57 – STEP No. 6: Installation Phase

      High Point: Designer and Client

      • Bring in the furniture
      • Stage everything
      • Accessorize and set it up, making it look picture perfect

      PRO TIP: Send your client out so they can’t see it for a few days. Tell them to come back when you’re done, so they’ll get a walk through the door, and their house will be completely transformed and ready to be lived in.

      06:36 – STEP No. 7: Conclusion

      Low Point: Client

      • Furniture delays
      • Unfinished processes
      • Deficiencies requiring replacements

      07:38 – Why it’s important to tell your clients not only during the initial consultation but also along the way about the highs and lows of the interior design process

      • They know what to expect.
      • They won’t feel frustrated or disappointed.
      • They need guidance through the design or remodeling process.

      8:17 – The role of the designer and the benefits of having happier clients

      ROLE: Manage expectations by telling them the truth about the project

      BENEFITS: Get referrals and repeat clients

      In summary, my 7-Step Interior Design Process: Its Highs and Lows From Start to Finish are:

      STEP No. 1 – Initial Consultation

      STEP No. 2 – Gathering Phase

      STEP No. 3 – Design Phase

      STEP No. 4 – Presentation Phase

      STEP No. 5 – Implementation Phase

      STEP No. 6 – Installation Phase

      STEP No. 7 – Conclusion

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