Scared to Start a Career in Interior Design? The Right Mindset That Can Help You Overcome Fear

What is fear? It’s the single-most crippling feeling and thought that will leave you stuck at your unsatisfying job for far too long, keeping you from starting your passion today.

The thing is, fear when facing a career change is often brought up because you, like most people, are resistant to change.

I get it. Change is hard, but it’s usually good.

So, if you’re thinking about or already decided on changing your career or goals to be an interior designer, and are now facing an overwhelming and paralyzing fear you are making the wrong choice, this episode is for you.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Learn how to differentiate between circumstances you can control and those you cannot

  • Find ways to start being intentional with your thoughts

  • Discover the secret to never having to work a day in your life

Check out these episode highlights

1.38 – Why change is hard and challenging and how we as a family are dealing with it now

3.24 – How to deal with circumstances using the Thought Model 

6.03 – How to change your feelings by simply changing your thoughts 

7.04 – Ways to start being intentional with your thoughts 

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