How Business Coaching Can Help You Transform Your Life and Interior Design Business with Kimberley Seldon

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Are you an overwhelmed and struggling interior designer? You’re not alone. If you find yourself stuck and feeling like you’re a failure, this episode is for you as Kimberley Seldon shares how she overcame hurdles as a budding interior designer and managed to balance her work and life.

How did she do it? Through her friend’s recommendation, she sought help and found a powerful solution that changed her life and revolutionized the entire interior design industry.

Even with resistance at first, she transformed her life and business and is now helping influence designers worldwide to have more successful companies and satisfying lives.

So listen to this week’s episode because you’re in for a treat as she shares ways to transform your life and business so you can finally say, “Yes. I have it all.”

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Overcome common hurdles faced by budding interior designers as they kick-start their careers
  • Learn how implementing structured systems and procedures contributes to a balanced work-life dynamic
  • Discover the power of honest and straightforward communication strategies in building a solid client base
    About the Guest:

    Kimberley Seldon is a force to be reckoned with in the design world, with an impressive resume that spans interior design, television, and magazines. She founded the Kimberley Seldon Design Group and contributed to the Toronto and Los Angeles design scenes. Having hosted three shows for HGTV Canada and served as the decorating editor of Style At Home magazine for 18 years, Kimberley’s expertise in design is undeniable. With her online educational platform, Business of Design, she empowers designers to establish effective systems and procedures, leading them to a more balanced and fulfilling work-life balance.

    Connect with Kimberley Seldon:
    Website: Business of Design
    Instagram: @business_of_design


      Check out these episode highlights

      03:06 – What inspired Kimberley to switch careers and study interior design

      05:05 – Common hurdles faced by budding interior designers as they kick-start their careers

      09:55 – How to adapt when working with a business coach

      11:34 – Why the interior design industry used to lack transparency and how it has evolved since then

      14:07 – How having structured systems and procedures contribute to a balanced work-life dynamic

      16:00 – The interior design industry’s initial resistance to change and the Business of Design as its best-kept secret

      19:45 – What’s next for Kimberley and the Business of Design

      24:38 – The benefits of TV exposure for designers

      27:06 – The power of honest and straightforward communication strategies in building a solid client base

      PRO TIP: If you ever consider doing television or a speaking event, only talk to one person. Do it like you’re talking to your best friend. When teaching something, teach it like you would to someone you adore.

      29:25 – The 2 traits your interior designer tribe should embody

      TRAIT #1: Taking their interior design career seriously

      TRAIT #2: Making money off of their interior design business


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