The Embrace of Change: How An Interior Designer Pivots to Become a Podcast & Messaging Coach with Bethany Wrede Peterson

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Have you been thinking of pivoting but are still unsure? Perhaps, you want to start a podcast? Well, you’ll find this episode helpful if you need help like I was. Why? Because my podcast coach is here to share her inspiring interior design journey with us.

Instead of getting a degree, Bethany began her interior design career as an intern. What gave her the confidence to do this? Her learning-by-doing approach to her interior design career. It was based on the belief that disciplines are all-encompassing.

The result? Since she didn’t let what she lacked stop her from becoming an interior designer, she started her own business and podcasts geared toward helping others in the field.

The interior design field can also be a stepping stone into another career. So if you need some inspiration on when and how to pivot your interior design, this one is for you.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Learn the advantages of having the same life experiences as your target market
  • Find out how to get into interior design without a degree and the career paths you can take after working as an interior designer
  • Discover the 4 questions you need to ask to craft your brand message
    About the Guest:

    Bethany Wrede Peterson is an interior designer turned podcast and messaging coach. Her goal is to help interior designers and personal brands find their voice to become profitable, lead with confidence, and cultivate a sense of purpose. She began her design and self-development podcast, Arrived, in 2019 to help single men find their voice at home and in their relationships.

    Following the first pandemic lockdown that temporarily shattered the interior design industry in 2020, Bethany received multiple requests to help other peers launch podcasts. Her podcast and coaching needed a narrative more closely aligned with her own story.

    Her online course and membership community, Find Your Voice, helps creatives discover their ‘Why’, find their voice, and launch their podcast in eight weeks. Her voice and work have appeared in The Guardian, Wallpaper | Architectural Digest,, LuAnn Nigera’s Well-Designed Business, I Am CEO, Subkit, and Minnesota AM 950 Radio, with her podcast Arrived and Arrive Daily streamed in 25 countries.

    Connect with Bethany Wrede Peterson:
    IG: @atelierwrede

      Check out these episode highlights

      2:16 – How Bethany got into Interior Design without having to finish a design degree

      10:18 – How she was able to apply everything she has studied because it’s all-encompassing

      11:34 – The advantages of having the same life experiences as your target market

      • You can relate to them
      • You can read them better
      • You can anticipate their needs because you have that real-world knowledge

      12:08 – The experiences that helped her start her own company and her transition into podcasting

      14:25 – Two career paths you can take after working as an interior designer

      1. Consultation. You take your client, but you’re not performing full-service design work for them. You show them how to do it instead
      2. Podcast coaching. Do this if you want to do something at a greater scale

      22:14 – How to have the right mindset when dealing with pivots in life

      24:39 – Why you should never assume a career is right for you

      27:37 – What your personal brand really represent

      • Your style
      • Your aesthetic
      • Your philosophy
      • Your goals for your clients
      • How do they resonate with you compared to other designers out there?

      28:40 – The importance of having a niche, how to pick one, and how to attract them

      31:57 – Two routes you can take to test if interior design is for you without breaking the bank

      1. Get an internship at a design studio and see what kind of real-world experience you can get
      2. Go to a local community college and take a course in drawing and see how that sits with you

      33:22 – The 90% of HGTV that we do not see

      34:52 – 4 questions her eight-week concept-to-completion coaching course Find Your Voice will help you answer

      1. What is your ‘Why’ and why do you want to show up?
      2. What is your message?
      3. Who do you want to reach?
      4. What is your niche?

      36:14 – What you can come away with after completing Find Your Voice

      37:39 – What Arrived Daily Podcast is all about and how it’s different from Arrived Podcast

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