From Side Hustle to Full-Time Career: How to Start a Second Career as an Interior Designer with Andrea Reordan

Do you have a full-time career and want to launch your interior design business? Is it possible to make it happen even though you work 40 hours weekly? Perhaps you always wanted to be an interior designer but took a different career path for some reason.

Don’t worry. My guest Andrea and I got you! Because in today’s episode, she’ll share how she juggled a full-time trading career with a side hustle in interior design. Not only that, but she also successfully transitioned into interior design as her second career during the pandemic.

How did she do it? Listen and learn from Andrea so you can finally pursue a career you love and are good at.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover how to start a side hustle while working a 40-hour workweek

  • Learn how to use a blank sheet of paper to map out your day/week

  • Find out the 3 easy steps to cope with being overwhelmed and having information overload

    About the Guest:

    Andrea Reordan is a former portfolio manager who’s a certified interior designer in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.

    A lover of spreadsheets, planning, and processes, she’s also passionate about creating cohesive, functional spaces that will make you love your home again.

    Connect with Andrea Reordan:
    Facebook: @andrea.reordan
    Instagram: @andrea_reordan_design

      Check out these episode highlights

      3.12 – Why Andrea chose interior design as a side hustle

      04.20 – How she knew she’s always had the creative bent inside her

      04.53 – Why her parents disapproved of her studying interior design

      5.35 – How her finance degree gave her an advantage in starting her own interior design side hustle

      06.03 – How she started her side hustle while working a 40-hour work week as a trader and why she decided to transition full-time to interior design

      07.42 – How to use a blank sheet of paper to map out your day

      • Choose between Sunday or Monday to plan your week
      • Make columns for each day of the week
      • Fit in tasks within certain time slots in the day
      • Do some tasks during your lunchtime
      • Talk to your employer about taking a longer lunch and making up the time at the end of the day

      9.51 – How her employer’s support made it easier to work on her interior design career

      12.09 – Managing her fears of going off on her own and trying to replace her salary

      13.33 – 3 easy steps to cope with being overwhelmed and having information overload

      1. Make a list of what you need to do
      2. Take time to do what you have on your schedule
      3. Find your peer group, a community who can support you

      13.55 – The importance of being a part of a community

      14.37 – The two most common second careers and the main reason why people choose them
      Top one: Real estate
      Top two: Interior design

      Why? They both offer a little more flexibility because you can arrange the time to do the work around your schedule

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