Designing Your Success: Finding the Right Niche in Your Interior Design Career with Yvonne Harty

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On the surface, the world of aircraft & aviation seems light years away from the creativity and aesthetics of interior design, but today’s guest, who dared to explore beyond the surface and pursued a long-hidden passion found a connection. It was that connection that made her thrive in her second career as an Interior Designer.

Join me in this week’s episode as Yvonne Harty, a NorCal Award-winning Luxury Interior Designer shares her journey of leaving her 20-year career in aviation, enrolling in a design school, overcoming challenges, discovering her niche in kitchen and bath design, and finding a renewed sense of fulfillment in her second career.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Find out the main challenge a new interior designer face so you can avoid it

  • Learn the benefits of having a coach in your interior design career or business

  • Discover how staying on your lane attracts the type of clients or projects you want to work with

    About the Guest:

    Yvonne Harty, a NorCal Award-winning Luxury Interior Designer, started Harty Interiors three years ago designing personalized and functional spaces in the greater Sacramento area.

    Originally from Germany, where she began a beloved 20-year career in aviation, Yvonne’s passion for Interior Design was ignited when she decided to build her own home.

    After moving to the US about 11 years ago, she had to start looking for a new career. While she continued her aviation career in the Sacramento area, she decided it was time to explore her talents by enrolling in a formal design school.

    Since obtaining her degree in Interior Design with the highest honors, Yvonne has won three design awards from the National Kitchen and Bath Association, of which she is an active council member.

    To her, designing the perfect interior floor plan, products, and finishes for each client is like getting every piece of a puzzle to fit together perfectly. Every problem, a thrilling challenge; every design element, a creative solution that solves it.

    Connect with Yvonne Harty:
    IG: @hartyinteriors

      Check out these episode highlights

      2:53 – What prompted Yvonne to get into interior design

      07:36 – Why Yvonne stopped working for another designer and open her business

      10:08 – Yvonne’s experience in aviation helps her in her interior design career, and how aircraft handling is similar to managing design projects

      11:59 – The main challenge Yvonne faced when she started her business

      12:49 – The challenge of running a business without a business plan or direction

      14:42 – The benefits of having a coach in your interior design career or business

      • can assist you in developing career or business plans or directions
      • changes your mindset from a mere employee to a CEO
      • teaches you how to charge for your services and make a profit at the same time
      • helps you figure out the kind of projects you want to work with
      • helps increase your confidence so you can work on your projects

      16:28 – The type of client and project Yvonne is pursuing and her plans for her Kitchen & Bath Design Business

      18:16 – Yvonne’s advice for those starting an interior design career or business

      • Make a plan
      • Decide on what you want to offer
      • Determine the type of clients or projects you want to work with
      • Get help from a professional coach to guide you through the process
      • Join a local or national organization, like National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), to improve your business and networking skills
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