Considering a Career Change? How to Transition to an Interior Design Career With Martha Lowry

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How do interior designers create beautiful and functional rooms? This week’s guest, Martha Lowry, approaches interior design using mathematics! For some people like Martha, the design and math parts of her brain are intertwined.

But despite successful careers in mathematics, computing, cooking, and teaching, why did she transition into interior design? Why could not she get past the desire to go into interior design? What made her stay in interior design, doing it for 29 years now?

If you are considering a change of career to interior design, this episode is a must-listen. What do you need to know before you make the switch? Would it be worth your time and money? All these and more in today’s episode.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Learn about the challenges you’ll face as an interior designer

  • Know the four questions you should ask yourself before you leap into interior design

  • Discover who else should be a part of your team other than tradespeople

    About the Guest:

    Martha Riggs Lowry is a native of Huntington WV and now resides in Winston-Salem, NC with her husband Ron. She is the President and CEO of Design of the Times, Inc. where she specializes in residential design. Her company has been in operation for 27 years with clientele on the east coast.

    Martha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. She’s an ASID allied member who has served on the board of the Carolina chapter. She also has extensive experience as a community volunteer and as an Elder at First Presbyterian Church. She enjoys gardening, reading, traveling, sewing, genealogy, and other hobbies.

    Connect with Martha Lowry:
    NOTE: Her website is undergoing revision and updating

      Check out these episode highlights

      4:02 – Martha’s untraditional path to Interior Design and the many shifts she took to get there

      6:59 – How the design business and mathematical side of her brain are intertwined

      8:24 – What made her decide to start her own interior design business

      9:37 – How design impacts her clients’ lives and the passion that drives her while working with her clients

      10:49 – The most challenging part of her career now

      12:11 – Pre-pandemic challenges she faced regularly

      13:07 – The challenge with HGTV content

      13:58 – Her plans for the Design of The Times

      14:41 – How to start looking at your interior design business as a sellable business

      16:05 – What you will feel during your transition from your career into interior design, and the four questions you should ask yourself before you leap into interior design

      1. What is an interior design job like?
      2. What does a career in interior design entail?
      3. What are the skills required to work as an interior designer?
      4. Are you willing to take on the hours and stress of designing a home?

      17:29 – Client success story: How she created a safe space for one of her clients with mobility issues

      18:15 – Her advice for those starting out or maybe going through what she went through transitioning into interior design

      • Do your research
      • Make sure you know what the job entails 
      • Work on your communication skills because it’s key
      • Put together a good team of not only tradespeople but also get 
      • A lawyer for legal advice
      • An accountant for financial advice
      • A business coach for business advice
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