Can’t Decide on Your Specialty? The Different Interior Design Niche Markets You Can Choose From

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Is picking an interior design niche challenging for you? Don’t worry; I find it challenging, too. Why? Because there are a lot of options to choose from and a lot of factors to consider.

Like this one: Do you have to be passionate about it? Because if you don’t have the passion for it, why bother going into it, right? Why spend time, energy, and effort on something that does not satisfy you? 

To some, it wasn’t even necessary. You can start your interior design career without it. Even me! I’ve always thought of myself as a generalist and was surprised to find out that I have a niche, too, now that I think about it.

This episode may be challenging but don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Will share with you the pros and cons of having a niche, my niche-related realization, as well as different niches you can try out.

Also, thank you, Sophia, for listening in from Hungary. I love hearing all the feedback and seeing people worldwide listen in and discover if Interior Design is the career for them. Keep them coming!

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Learn how to rethink your interior design niche

  • Discover the different niche areas and interior design projects you can do

  • Find out the 3 steps you can take after choosing a niche

    Check out these episode highlights

    02:07 – How choosing a niche resembles choosing a college major and 4 ways decisions are influenced

    1. It’s something you’re good at, interested in, and drawn towards
    2. It’s aligned with your goals in life and where your passions lie.
    3. It’s what other people think you should pick.
    4. It’s what you think might be the most profitable route, whether you like the career or not.

    05:13 – The 3 reasons why I “don’t” have a niche, its uniqueness, and how you can do it, too

    1. I love all different kinds of design
    2. I don’t like saying no to particular types of projects
    3. I love the variety that comes with not having a specific niche claimed on my website

    07:01 – The pros and cons of picking a niche, and the different niche areas and interior design projects you can do as interior designers

    1. Project Scopes

    • Furnishings and accessories
    • Remodels only
    • Additions only
    • New builds only

    2. Specific Design Style

    • Farmhouse
    • Boho chic
    • Minnemann
    • Maximalist or minimalist
    • Mid-Century Modern

    3. Function of the Room

    • Kitchen and Bath
    • Nurseries
    • Kids Room
    • Exercise room
    • Outdoor

    4. Feng Shui

    5. Client lifestyle

    • Bachelor
    • Professional couples without children
    • Young families with children
    • Empty nesters
    • Multi-generational families living in one home
    • Families with special needs
    • Aging-in-Place

    6. Client’s budget

    • Design on a dime
    • Moderate
    • Super high-end luxury

    7. Residence Type

    • Apartment living
    • High-rise condos in the city
    • First-time homebuyers
    • Historic homes
    • Vacation homes
    • Country homes
    • Beachside homes

    13:37 – 3 steps to take after choosing a niche or niche direction

    1. Explore a niche by visualizing the type of client it would attract.

    Why? To have an avatar of your ideal client

    How? By writing down a whole description of that person using the following questions:

    • What was their upbringing?
    • Where did they work?
    • What kind of lifestyle do they live?
    • What are they like?
    • What are their hobbies?
    • What are the pain points that your design will solve for them?

    2. Work on your messaging by writing a list of words that describe your ideal clients’ project in feeling and aesthetic.

    Why? Using descriptive words will help you market to your niche effectively. Adding consistency to your social media platforms will allow you to attract your ideal clients within that niche with the words and images you’re using.

    3. Remember: You are not married to your niche forever.

    • Try it out for a year or two to see if you enjoy the direction and if you’re attracting the right people.
    • Change your target market, change your messaging, and pivot to a niche that might work better for you if that niche doesn’t work for you.
    • Maintain an abundance mindset and keep in mind that there are more than enough people out there who want to work with you. It’s okay to change your niche if it doesn’t work for you in a year or two, like changing your major, so you can go in a direction that truly aligns with your passion.
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