4 Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Interior Design Career or Business

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“Oh, how long have you been doing this? It seems like you just graduated high school or something”, is a common remark I used to get from people when I first started as an interior designer and in the early years of my design company. It is not that you can’t be a great designer right out of the gate. However, this remark could affect what you feel and believe about yourself. 

“I don’t know if I would pay myself this much money to get this because…” Sounds familiar? If you find yourself either in this situation, most likely you have limiting beliefs that could potentially hurt your career or business.

In this episode, I’m talking about four limiting beliefs that you might encounter as a newbie in interior design or when starting your own business. You will learn how to identify them and work through them so you can prevent these beliefs from limiting you and can navigate the design industry smoothly and successfully.

So, if you are looking for help with managing your limiting beliefs, much more with recognizing them, you’ll want to listen closely.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from pursuing your passion
  • Develop ways to combat your limiting beliefs and empower yourself
  • Change your mindset around your beliefs and reach your highest potential
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      Check out these episode highlights

      2:23 – What are limiting beliefs?

      Limiting beliefs are things you have told yourself over time that hold you back from your goals or something you are reaching for, like being a successful business owner or being an interior designer.

      4 Limiting Beliefs That Might Keep You From Pursuing Your Interior Design Career or Business

      04:03 – Impostor Syndrome

      It is a limiting belief around your self-worth or value. It shows in times when you do not value the creative skill you are bringing to the table.

      How to deal with it:

      • Value the talent and the skill that you have developed.
      • Ask for what you are worth and not be held back by the belief that you are taking advantage of the other person with the rate you are charging.
      • Go for external affirmations of your self-worth and value by joining competitions that showcase your portfolio.
      • Work on your mindset that you provide the best design and product whether or not the client value you.
      • Read the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks .

      Remember, you deserve all the accolades of a great designer, whether you are just starting or a seasoned one.

      07:56 – Inexperience or Too Young

      It is when you feel people are not taking you seriously because you seem young or a bit wet behind the ears.

      How to deal with it:

      • Get yourself a certification by taking the NCIDQ exam
      • Join associations like ASID

      Remember, using your experience in other areas of life can cross over into this career.

      11:04 – Money and Prosperity

      It questions your mindset around money. Do you have an abundance mindset popping up often, or is it scarcity? Do you feel resentful of your super affluent clients and the lifestyles that they have?

      How to deal with it:

      12:03 – How to manage your money mindset before you get into business

      Say this prosperity affirmation,“I deserve to be wealthy!” 

      Notice what you feel. Do you believe it? Do you have issues around the word wealthy?

      Remember, your clients need you to come alongside them and understand their needs for their projects, regardless of their lifestyle. They don’t need your judgment. They need your design. 

      Also remember, you are not a starving artist. You have a talent. You deserve to be paid well to come up with creative designs and execute them well.

      14:04 – Failure

      Being afraid to fail holds you back from making a mistake which in turn limits your creativity, confidence, and self-worth.

      Failing is good and brings you lessons such as:

      • to improve your processes
      • to improve your designs
      • to improve you as a person

      How to deal with it:

      • A plan should be in place in case you fail so you can pick yourself up again. This way, it won’t be devastating.

      14:52 – What is a Lessons Learned document, and how it helps my company

      Remember, you will fail. Even with coaching and mentoring, you can’t get everything right every time because interior design is full of so many moving parts and so much knowledge to know. That’s why you need to rely on your trades and other people to help you bring them in.

      20:37 – How my course, My Design Mentor, can help you overcome your limiting beliefs

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