Glamorous Glass Ensuite

 Photos: Kat Alves Photography
Construction: Trademaster Construction

Summary: Our client’s vision was clear: bid adieu to the dated relics of her 80s bathroom, including the carpeted floors, and usher in a new era of opulent tranquility. With a desire for a luxurious spa-like oasis, we embarked on a journey to transform the space using classic materials and cutting-edge features, resulting in a breathtakingly feminine retreat adorned with exquisite blue glass tiles and marble accents.

In perfect harmony with the space’s feminine allure, the Carrara marble counters boast a sophisticated Dupont edge detail, their graceful curves echoing the elegant lines of the boat-shaped mirrors and sinks. Adding a touch of glamour, a dazzling chandelier suspended above the tub casts a radiant glow, elevating the ambiance to new heights of sophistication and allure.

The pristine white cabinets, with their timeless allure, imbue the space with an ethereal sense of lightness and airiness, serving as the perfect backdrop for the room’s opulent features. A thoughtful addition, the tall cabinet at the end of the vanity was custom-designed to provide ample storage for towels, makeup, and jewelry, ensuring every aspect of the bathroom is tailored to our client’s unique needs and desires.

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