Elegant Feminine Estate

Photos: Kat Alves Photography
Construction: Trademaster Construction

Summary: Our client, who happens to be the daughter of a cherished past client, entrusted us with the exciting task of revamping her newly acquired residence. With an established rapport already in place, she knew she could rely on us to bring her vision to life. The home initially boasting a vibrant color palette and an array of distinctive design elements which did not align with our client’s taste. Thus, a comprehensive renovation journey unfolded, breathing new life into every corner of the space.

The transformation was nothing short of remarkable: from the complete overhaul of the kitchen, laundry room, five bathrooms, and two fireplaces to the addition of a loft bathroom, designed to create a tranquil retreat for our client’s mother. Not stopping there, we repurposed a bedroom into a lavish home gym and reconfigured another into a suite for our client’s father.

Injecting a sense of timeless elegance, custom wall molding was introduced in the living and dining rooms, instilling the traditional charm our client holds dear. Every room received the royal treatment with bespoke window treatments and new furniture pieces added the finishing touch to elevate the ambiance to new heights. For those inspired to embark on their own journey of transformation, we invite you to click here and begin your design adventure with us! 

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