5 Renovations to Update Your Home

Start Your Home Renovation Off On The Right Foot With These Upgrades.

Get the confidence you need to move forward with your future design choices and direction with 5 of the best starting places from an interior design expert with over 20 years of design experience.

“After using Rebecca’s expertise to choose our paint colors, everyone comments on the use of color in our space and two of our subcontractors have asked about our paint colors to use in their own homes!”

– Anna Koch

Our Home Remodel Has Stalled.

It’s not that you don’t know if you want to remodel. You’re just not sure where to begin. You’ve been dreaming about creating the home you can show off to friends and retire in for ages. But now you’re beginning to wonder if it’ll even happen. And while you’d love nothing more than to pass it off to a designer and have them figure it all out. The truth is you don’t even know what to tell them. You’re stuck. Plain and simple. However—if you don’t choose, you’re afraid the project will be postponed indefinitely.

What you need is a list of the best starting places. And examples you can look at and get a feel for your own home. But you need a bit more than the blog posts and HGTV can provide. You need advice and direction from an experienced designer who knows your area. And has experience transitioning spaces from utilitarian to “feels like home”.


Rebecca Ward

For over 2 decades, Rebecca has been helping Californian homeowners like you design a house that feels like home.

Since opening Rebecca Ward Design in 2007, Rebecca and her team have helped hundreds of homeowners gain the confidence in their design decisions and create a home they love.

From paint selections to appliance recommendations, Rebecca delivers a design tailored to the individual. Every time.

Rebecca’s Expertise Made Our Remodels Far Less Stressful Than Normal.

Rebecca is not only a great interior designer, she and her staff are great people to work with. She works to understand her clients before she tries to help us see what she sees. We did two projects with her and both projects are shown on her website. We love our kitchen, bathrooms and now, our great room. Everything ties together well as well as with our lifestyle. Thanks Rebecca!

– Don and Donna Rothenbaum, CA homeowners

Get Confident in Your Design Decisions.

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  • Which remodeling option is best for your kitchen.
  • How to pick the best lighting for your house.
  • Tips for handing this all off to a designer.

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