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What do Tahoe cabins, an old barn, and Joanna Gaines’ house have in common? All of these spaces embrace the look of worn, unfinished wood – one of the key characteristics of country style interior design.

Similar to industrial style in its use of rustic materials, country style typically has a cozier feel due to the addition of gingham and plaid patterned upholstery. Painted finishes and stains are distressed to give hints of what’s underneath, and repurposed objects give the spaces a homemade feel.

Variations of this style include: Americana (all things red white & blue), French country (think tufted cushions and roll top sofas), Shabby Chic (a more delicate and girly take on country), and cabin style (like that wood-walled cabin in Tahoe we mentioned earlier). Check out the photos below for some inspiration!

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April 26, 2018

It’s no secret that marble can add a sense of elegance to just about any interior. And while white marbles (especially Carrara and Calacatta) have come back in style with a vengeance over the last several years, colored marbles have also been starting to pop up again within the last year or two.

This isn’t the first time that the colored marble trend has come about, of course. In one of our design classes back in school, the professor made a comment that “all designs are inspired by something that has come before.” We couldn’t agree more. Just look through these photos from the floors of European cathedrals from the 19th and 20th centuries, and try to tell us that the colored marble trend wasn’t inspired by the past. (*insert heart eyes emoji here*)




And here are some present-day marble interiors we’ve been drooling over, just to get your obsession started too (click on the photos for sources)!






B&W Bath

If you’re feeling inspired by these photos and want help creating your own marble oasis, we’d love to talk to you! You can contact us here to set up a consultation. And for those of you who just want a few ideas to bring a small touch of luxury to your space, here’s a small roundup of some of our favorite marble products on the market right now:

Marble Items

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Happy designing!



Exposed beams and brick. Rough wood. Concrete floors.

Somewhere along the way, the unfinished look and feel of a warehouse or construction site became a source of inspiration for interior designers. Industrial interior design seeks to unveil the inner workings of the structure by showing off the I-beams, joints, bolts, pipes, and nails that other styles of design might seek to cover up.

Large amounts of natural light and simple furniture and decor help to keep industrial spaces from feeling dirty or messy. Don’t forget to add rugs and upholstery made with natural fibers to highlight the rawness of the space.

We’re loving all of the texture and personality in these spaces below:

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Picture yourself on the porch of a Cape Cod beach house. Soak in the sun and salty air, and let the breeze tickle your nose. Now turn around and walk inside the house. What type of interior do you see? Slipcovered white sofas on sisal rugs? Wicker? Maybe some blue and white pinstriped pillows?

All of these elements work together to create a cozy, casual, cottage style. Bright white walls, natural fibers, and beadboard are some of our favorite details of this style. Of course, no two cottage homes are the same. Some fall into the Craftsman cottage category, with abundant woodworking, built-ins, and sturdy ceiling beams. Others, with their cane furniture, oversized plants, leaf prints, and British Colonial references fall into the style we lovingly refer to as the “Tommy Bahama” style. But one thing all of these cottage styles have in common is their proclivity to cozy furniture, natural fibers, and wood ceilings and floors.

The photos below have us craving a good window seat by the ocean – take a look!

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